Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Nose

Six weeks ago my dermatologist was freezing parts of my face when she stopped, looked at my nose and said, "What's this?" I didn't know, nor did she, so they rushed in a biopsy team. A little numbing, a little prodding and they've got a sample in nothing flat. It left a little hole in my nose the size of a large pore. Well, at least the kind of large pores my father had on his nose.

It came back as "bad skin" and this Monday I had the whole cancer growth taken out. I thought that they'd probably leave a scar twice as big as the biopsy hole. Wrong. I'd make the sound of an ugly buzzer (like those they use on America's Got Talent) but I don't know how to spell it.

The doctor cut out the cancer leaving a 9mm (about 1/3 of an inch) hole in my nose. About a third of an inch. Gross!

When the lab confirmed that he got it all out it was time for some sewing. I have a 1½" scar (9 stitches) running up my nose right on front!! The nurse took a picture for my chart and I asked to see it. I was afraid of looking at it directly with a mirror. It was gruesome.

I have full confidence that it will heal nicely but for now I feel old, even more unattractive, even  more undesirable. Most men don't go around with an extra hole in their nose.

I do give great thanks to my friends, especially Sarah, who have been so loving and supportive.

The bandage comes off tomorrow.

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