Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Name

When I had a crazy, but good, idea to make a blog the first thing to jump up from the road was the demand for a blog name. What the heck? Since it was the first question I knew it was important. It took me a couple days.

If I could get just the right name I would get all the followers I wanted and needed. My first choice: sex death enlightenment was already taken. A great book by Mark Matousek. I just learned that sex death and oysters isn't available, either.

When a baby's on the way the parent(s) comb through multiple books of baby names. For nine months! I only had days and no book.

Geographical wouldn't work. What if I moved? The sadness of my life? Nope, nobody would read it. Too grim. Foreign? La Petite Femme de Paris. Nah. Hasta la Winnebago (Spanish for goodbye, I'm leaving in my Winnebago)? Double nah.

I feel a little queasy with The View From Here because The View is a TV program with a bunch of women. I'm just one guy.

So, what I have I have. I just hope that the Universe comes through and sends me my readers.

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